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Jody West, an expert in forensic DNA analysis for the SBI, said tests also failed to find DNA from Shaniya or the man accused of killing her, Mario McNeill, on cuttings from comforters taken from a Sanford hotel where McNeill took Shaniya on the morning of Nov. 10, 2009.West also testified that he couldn't find McNeill's DNA on a blue blanket investigators took as evidence from the child's home in the Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park off Murchison Road.
Thursday was West's second day of testimony in McNeill's capital murder trial in Cumberland County Superior Court.McNeill, 33, is being tried on seven charges, Ozil Soccer Jersey, including firstdegree murder and rape. 87 in Lee County.If convicted of the murder charge, McNeill could be sentenced to death.McNeill's lawyers said Thursday they had not decided if their client will testify."Don't know at this point," lawyer Terry Alford told Judge Jim Ammons.The state could conclude its presentation of evidence by midweek, prosecutors have said.West told jurors that he conducted chemical analysis on oral smears and vaginal and anal swabs taken from Shaniya's body and on the shirt and underwear she was wearing. 
I didn't buy DD any shoes until 18 months old and she was walking before 1 year old. Shoes make it harder for kids to learn balance when they are first starting to walk and can make them walk on their feet wrong. We never let her walk around in public until about 18 months so there was no need to wear shoes. 
The bigger boy exits with orange in hand. The smaller boy is left sitting on the porch sans orange. This commercial said that if you are big enough, tough enough or shrewd enough, Ozil world cup 2014, you can take whatever you want, whether it belongs to someone else or not.